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Cash Registers

How do I make a department taxable?

Models: 110cx, 115cx, 130cx, 225cx, 325cx, 425cx:

Program Department 1 as taxable item. To do this, type the numeric keys [0][0][1], press [CHECK], type [1][0][0] and finalize by pressing the [Department 1] key. Repeat this procedure for all departments you wish to tax.

Models: 585cx, 587cx:

Using the gray numeric keys press (00001), press [SUBTOTAL/W/TAX], enter the (PRICE)*, press a [DEPARTMENT] key, enter a Department Description using the alpha keyboard (Department Keys) or the Alpha Numeric Code Chart if needed, then press [CHECK]**. Repeat this step for each department you wish to tax. Then press the [AMT TEND/TOTAL] key.

* Enter a pre-set price or "0" if no pre-set price is desired.

** If you do not wish to enter a description at this time, after pressing the [DEPARTMENT] key, press the [AMT TEND/TOTAL] key. To program a description at a later time, refer to the procedure on page 29 of your owner’s manual.


ALPHA 580 APLHA 9170

Q: If error tone sounds during programming:

  1. Be sure to complete any sale pending in the register mode. Turn manager key to "REG" position & press (AMT/TEND/TOTAL) KEY.
  2. In "PRG" position, press (AMT/TEND/TOTAL) KEY.
  3. If you have a Manager Password programmed in, in "PRG" position, type in the Manager’s code and press the clerk key.

Q: If error sounds in the register position, when ringing up a sale:

  1. Do not use a decimal point when ringing up a sale.
  2. If Clerk ID # ‘s have been programmed, be sure to enter the clerk ID# and press the clerk key.
  3. Turn manager’s key (M) to "PRG" program position and press (AMT/TEND/TOTAL) to complete any pending programming step.

Q: If error tone sounds when taking a "Z" reading:

  1. If a manager Password is programmed, In the "Z" position, type in your password press clerk.
  2. Be sure to complete any sale pending in the register mode; turn manager key to the "REG" position and press (AMT/TEND/TOTAL) key.
  3. You may have activated the training mode feature. Turn the manager key to the "X" position. (If a manager password is used, be sure to enter it now and press the clerk key). Type in your training password press the "CHG" key, to get out of the training mode, return to the "Z" position and run your report.
  4. If you cannot clear your error tone or your register continues to malfunction perform a Half System Clear. Turn manager key to the "PRG" position; unplug your machine for 10 seconds re-plug check to see if unit is working. If it does not work follow directions for a full clear. NOTE: when performing this procedure you will lose all programming plus your transaction totals. Turn manager key to the "PRG" position, unplug machine while holding down clear key plug unit back in. (On the 580 make sure you remove (1) battery before plugging your unit back in. Note the following common problems a Full System clear might rectify.

Q: Does not program properly:

Register shuts down (could indicate a fuse blew).
Simply acts up.
If problem still continues contact a local Service Center by calling toll free 1-888-261-3888.

Contact a local authorized Service Center directly if:
Printer keeps running when machine is turned off.
Paper jams will display "EE" or "PE" or will give constant tone.
Coins fall in the printer-causing machine to shut down.
No light on display possibly a fuse blew.
Machine appears to have no power and your outlet has been checked.

When clearing the Grand Total make sure you take a "Z" reading first, otherwise, the procedure will not work.

If register loses any of its programming at any time simply re-program.

Q: If you lose the programming each night:

    Check to make sure that your machine is turned to the off position each night
    When did you last replace your batteries?
    Alpha 580 use 3 "AA" batteries and must be replaced every 6 months to a year.
    Alpha 9170 batteries are internal and should be replaced every 4 years by an Authorized Service Center.

Training mode feature: once the training mode is activated make sure you turn the key back to the "REG" position to practice. Any sales run in the training mode will not show in your totals.